Buying a
used sailboat is an important decision.

Buying a used sailboat is, every time, a moment when passion tends
to override reason. In order to avoid disappointments and disappointments, it
is important not to rush, not to rush into the deal of the century, not to be
afraid of missing out on your heart’s desire and to think carefully about your
programme. Spend a lot of time between the
second-hand boat ads sites and
walks on pontoons and boatyards.

Don’t stay alone, if many yachts are for sale by owners, directly,
don’t hesitate to turn to shipyards and brokers, or yachtbrokers. These
yachting professionals will be able to accompany you in the purchase of your
sailboat and will be good advices…without paying more.

So what is the right way to buy a used yacht, what are the right
criteria? And when you have found your future boat, what are the points to
check on a used boat?

The Budget for your future used yacht

The first thing to consider is the budget. If the cost of the boat,
at the purchase, is an evidence in the choice of a sailboat, sailboats on
pontoon, the cost of maintenance is not to forget. Indeed, a small
transportable sailboat, such as a Jeanneau Tonic 23, and a 9-10 meter sailboat,
such as a Jeanneau Attila, will not have the same impact on the portfolio
throughout the year.

It is important to consider the various fixed costs, such as berth,
insurance or wintering, equipment. The cost of a refit will depend on the
length of the boat (a pot of antifouling is not given,…). Plan also the
different items to be replaced in the coming years, such as the ends, the
rigging, see the engine.

The sailing program

And here’s a good question. And here, we have to admit that the
program is not always clear in the minds of the buyers… Where, when and with
whom I will sail??? Big question. Doing coastal shipping, considering summer
cruises, sailing all year round? Regatta or transatlantic? And sail with whom?
Madam…or Sir, will come on the boat often? Will the children be interested in

Checking the second-hand sailboat

Buying a second-hand yacht is not a decision that should be made on
a whim or a crush. Choosing the right sailboat is a decision that must be
reasoned. There are many points to check before buying. The purchase of a
sailboat is often the result of many years of effort and savings. If the budget
is well thought out, you might as well avoid unpleasant surprises that could
inflate the bill. At the same time, a cruising or regatta boat, be it a
monohull or a multihull, such as a catamaran, will not require the same attention.

Contrary to the automobile, in the nautical sector, technical
control does not exist, for the moment. When you buy a boat, you only have a
declarative history of the owner, and the invoices related to maintenance. As
trust does not exclude inspection, and that paying an expert at each boat visit
will quickly make the operation expensive, it is essential to inspect, yourself
or with a neutral knowledge, several points of the boat. Let’s look at the
points to check before buying a sailboat.

In any case, a second-hand boat must be inspected both afloat and
dry, in order to check the living quarters and any waterways as well as the